Bible Trivia Quiz - Free Bible Game

Bible trivia is a quiz game for free designed to test your knowledge of Bible through trivia games. The Bible quiz are all chosen from the Bible.Bible Trivia games is a good way to grow faith and have fun at the same time through interesting quiz games. Start challenge yourself and win special gifts with numerous quizzes.Features you can't miss:1. Easy and quick to playTen quiz games each time to test your Bible Knowledge2. Challenging and interestingThousands of quiz games from the KJV Bible3. Free to play for all generationsFive chances for every new users to start the quiz games4. Three modes of trivia gamesLearn and navigate endless Bible quiz in easy, normal and hard ways to meet your need5. Gain extra bonusCheck in everyday to gain extra bonus and try lucky spin to bring you good luckA mystery box will be acquired once you complete the ten Bible trivia games6. Keep a track of your stats and progressYour score is calculated at the end of each quiz gameThe more quiz games you play, the more coins you will have7. Share with friendsChallenge with your friends to experience the interesting and exciting Bible trivia gamesWith Bible Trivia game, learn the Bible and remember what you have learnt through this fun and easy way. Smart Bible trivia game enables you to find peace and wisdom and get inspired through the Holy Scripture.
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