Magic Puzzles : Fairy Games for kids and toddlers

"Magic Puzzles " - kids puzzle games with tiny puzzles for toddlers. It`s very colorful and useful game where kids can learn colors, shapes, animals, develop fine motor skills and logic. Main personage of our kids games free 4 years old is a magic fairy, which will help and accompany your kid throughout all game. The most fairy games for toddlers 1 year old so funny and beauty. But this not enough. With this app you can be sure, that your games for children games for girls and boys will not only play but learn colors for babies. Simple and exciting kids games for toddlers 2 years ol color puzzle games for kids 3 years free will introduce the most popular kids games for girls and pretty color with your child. Tiny puzzles for girls very easy to use.How does our game for kids work ?The game educational puzzles for girls was created in pleasant tones and simple for perception by kid. Beauty loading and nice menu so interesting, that child will sort out without your help. How do Magic Puzzles for kids under 5 free for kids work? When you start the app, you need to push the beauty flower in games for free, then you will see great animation. The first you need to distribute, animals fruits or things to the right place. Then you must choose color of the proposed and paintover all things, fruits or animals! Easy and instructive!Modes.This games for kids 3 years free has a functionality menu, which one can give you right of choice. Menu of this app also has additional functions like sound on/of, etc. Main menu has two mode. The first one is a story mode of Magic Puzzles for kids under 5. When you will start this mode in games for children games for girls and boys step by step kindergarten games you will get closer to new level in kids games for girls. With new level you will open new heroes and colors for kids in games for boys. In the end fairy must bring a pie to her friends. But first in educational games for girls and boys you need to travel through levels and meet more new animals and colors for babies. During each step you need kindergarten games to lot out items to the right way and then you need to choose the right colors for kids and make the same actions.When you choose the second mode games for kids 3 years free you will see a eight different pictures of that things as fruits, animals, candies (pies, donuts, jam, milk), numbers, transports (cars, helicopter, planes, fire trucks, buses, motorcycle, police car, construction machines, games for free, etc.), playground parts, geometric figures, interior items. Choose the cell of Magic Puzzles for free which you're like and start playing free puzzles for girls. After touch cell you will see a special circuit like in first mode and then just need choose the right item in the right circuit. Repeat the same actions but with color now.Features:Simple and understandable interface;Convenient menus (with options to Story Mode or Second Mode, where you can choose differents examples for play games for kids and learn shapes and colors);Sweet personage and pictures for playing;Cuddly sounds;Good animals, fruits and other things kids games free 4 years old which will like every bab;Enjoyable design and animation;Play games without internet.This color puzzle games for kids don't age limit kids games for free and will like not only kids but adult and persons of ripe years too. Also this puzzles for free for kids can be used like educational games for kids for personal using or like magic games kindergarten learning games for toddlers 2 years ol. Today very important things in kids games free 4 years old it's a learning a some new and right things. But most important things - it's a learning a some new things games for kids. But now your baby will play with benefit and pleasure! It's a simple way to start to learn colors for babies, numbers, animals or different staff with magic puzzle games free!
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