A+ Math Flash Cards App FREE - Practice Math Facts

A+ Math Flash Cards App FREE is a fun math game for mastering and practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and mixed operators from basic elementary math facts to 3-digit problems.A+ Math Flash Cards App is an easy to use and highly customizable application to enable focus learning.Some of the top features are:- Create Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division math flash cards.- Mixed Operations - ability to have math flash cards with mixed operators.- Specific Numbers - practice a single or multiple specific numbers.- Wide range of numbers (0 to 999) available for creating math flashcards from basic to advanced levels.- 20 settings to configure number of questions.- 20 test time settings available to choose from.- 3 timer modes: off, elapsed, or countdown.- 3 retry modes: no retry, 3 retries, or try until correct.- 2 answer modes: multiple choice or numeric keypad with 2 different layouts.- Cloud saving feature enables you to practice your math flash cards across different devices.- Handwriting scratch pad feature helps solve more difficult Math flash card problems.- Assign description tags to easily identify math flash card decks in the summary view.- Each flash card deck presents last and best score data visually to help motivate students practice and improve.- Negative answers are allowed when the feature is activated for the flash card deck.- Pause a game anytime and resume play later.- Clean presentation and intuitive user interface.- Fun characters and animations to make learning fun for early learners.- Parents and educators have full control of sound effects and background music for each flash card deck.- Randomly generated and shuffled math flash cards for each practice round based on the flash card deck settings.- The app comes preset with 5 flash card decks.Share A+ Math Flash Cards App with your friends. Happy Learning...
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