Sunrise - active mind lifestyle

Sunrise is a platform with varied and fun games to stimulate the mind. Complete a daily session of mini-games to keep the mind active.A more prepared mind makes the person even stronger .Sun is a parrot that has improved its mental abilities and today it is able to be a coach for those who also seek to reach a similar level. Sun will be by your side every day, giving inspiration and tips for everyday life, and encouraging healthy habits.Challenge various mental abilities - memory, logical reasoning, etc.Track your progress and compare with other players .Fly higher with the Sun's help! Start exercising your mind !Sunrise is in its initial version, and we will make more games and information available over time.PREMIUM VERSIONSunrise is free to play, and offers a subscription-based option for full access to all games, removal of advertising, and access to more comprehensive (developing) statistics.Subscription options are: Monthly and Annual.In this initial phase, we are offering special condition to our first supporters, available in the subscription option within the application.AUTOMATIC RENEWAL SUBSCRIPTIONThe subscription will be charged to your Google Play Store account used at the time of contracting. The subscription option has automatic renewal, which can be canceled within 24 hours of the end of the subscription period through the Google Play Store account settings.You can not unsubscribe during your lifetime, but you can cancel the automatic renewal of your iTunes / Play Store account setup. In this case, the subscription will be active until the expiration date.CONTACTTell us what you think about Sunrise! Give your opinion or report a problem.Send a message to or use the option within the application - More / Contact us.More information:Privacy Policy - We ask you to create an in-app user so that we can provide a unique experience and have your individual evolution - see complete at by Mens Sana Interactive -
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