Grave the Bounty Hunter

The Story of Grave the Bounty HunterIt wasn't until the year 2020 that the shadow government realized that the people of this nation were gaining real power. The people behind the curtain however wanted total control. They took extreme measures. The NGS-1(Nano Gas Spreaders) was developed. The NGS1 units would strike the earth with great force, you would here the boom and you would know you only had minutes to get away. Biological warfare was declared on the world by a handful of evil men. The green gas spread by these machines turned its victims into mindless zombies bent on killing and eating their prey. Grave the best bounty hunter in the land takes on the task with he help of Mason a scientist and friend to locate and destroy these threats. All uninfected people have fled to safe houses and underground dwellings waiting for the day of his victory.Grave the Bounty Hunter is a fast pace runner/shooter, tap and shoot. Shoot hundreds of zombies as you advance levels. Original soundtrack and awesome graphics. Try before you buy, download the demo here: (if the file downloads as rename it to demo_gtbh.apk and install). No ads contained in his game.My name is McKinley Garland III, an indie developer, any support is appreciate by me and my family. I hope this game is as fun for you as it was for me in its creation from the animations to the BGM. Thanks for your support.
Operating System Android