Babel Arena

A RPG-style "hangman" word game in multiple languages.Learn words in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian and even Latin!You choose a character from: warrior, mage and cleric. Each one has two special abilities.Also choose between two and three languages.You have to find the hidden words by choosing letter by letter.The trick is that all the words have the same meaning, even though they are of different languages.In "hint" mode, the first word is displayed and you have to guess the other (or two more if you chose three languages).In "guess" mode, you have to guess all three words.Each word is represented by a monster.Special abilities are charged when you guess right the letter that flashes yellow.When the letter you choose there is a word, your character is attacked by the monsters. If it takes three attacks in a row, the monsters will perform a special attack, leaving him confused (letters turn in strange symbols) or blind (you can not see the letters). This state lasts for three turns.When you guess all the letters of a word the corresponding monster dies. When all the monsters die, you win the battle and pass to the next level.The game continues as long as you have hitpoints. You regain some points when you win a battle.This program does not use personal data for any purpose. No information is transmitted over the Internet.Optimized for Intel x86 mobile devices.
Operating System Android