5 Dice: Order of Operations Game

--- Play a 21st Century Math Game --- How Good is Your Aim? Can You Hit the Target Number? Play Competitively or Cooperatively!A math game intended for upper elementary and middle school students that helps students enjoy practicing their order of operations. The game encourages students to use higher order thinking to solve the "target" number by working backwards given the answer but not the equation. The best feature about this simple math game is that teachers are able to receive immediate feedback of their students' progress through email.KEY FEATURES:- Higher order thinking game (not a drill and kill game)- A whiteboard built into the game to make a way for students to work out problems- Easy to extend beyond the one player game to a classroom setting.Are you the best shot? Can you solve problems involving multiple steps and multiple operations? A fun interactive game to help upper elementary and middle school students master and understand how the order of operations in math work.This math game is made for students at different age groups and skill levels. For example an elementary student could use simple addition and subtraction to achieve the target where as a middle school student could perform complex combinations of many operations to reach the target.COMMON CORE MATHEMATICAL STANDARD3.OA Solve problems involving the four operations, and identify and explain patterns in arithmetic.3.NBT Use place value understanding and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic.5.OA Write and interpret numerical expressions.COMMON CORE STANDARDS for MATHEMATICAL PRACTICE1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.*These are few representative CCSS. This game can be modified or adapted for use in grade 3 or 4 to grade 8 and above.
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