Fruits and Vegetables Name

A great way to learn Fruits and Vegetables name especially kids for Montessori and Kinder Garden classes. In this quiz game you need to tell the names of Fruits and Vegetables to enhance your basic knowledge. This is and quiz and trivia App for all Ages of people in which fruits and vegetables are included from all over the world. By playing this game you can learn the correct spellings of all Fruits and Vegetables names. A Quiz Application, where your children will figure out how to distinguish the organic products which they regularly enjoy eating.To play this game just look at the picture and choose the correct one from all four given choices, there are five levels containing twenty questions each and every next level will be opened by completing the previous level. Many Vegetables and Fruits like Apple, Banana, Mango, Carrot, Turnip, Coriander and many more which you don't know are included in fruits and vegetables names quiz app (FrutaVegie Mania) to enhance your knowledge. Playing and noting accurately or wrongly fruits and vegetables products names quiz would make your mind open for additionally natural products vocabulary.
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