Chicken The Adult Sex Game 2.0

Chicken The Adult Sex Game 2.0 is the repackaging of Chicken The Adult Sex Game V1.8, the best selling paid sex game in GooglePlay with over 15,000 downloads.Chicken 2.0 is hands down the hottest adult game in Google Play and the first of it's kind. Do not settle for cheap knockoffs or games with annoying ads and in app purchases.Chicken 2.0 is far cheaper than a movie and it will keep you busy for hours. Chicken is designed to take your sexual relationship with your partner to the next level. In this game there are four point levels, each level with more risque sex challenges. Both partners take turns selecting a point category and get assigned a random challenge. It's all or nothing. If both partners agree to the terms the player who takes his/her turn gets assigned the points. However if either one chickens out the player who does not agree to the act loses all their points. Just to throw a twist in the game each level can also contain challenges from levels below it. This is to try to get users to play for higher points going for either an easy pass or a risque challenge (you never know what you'll get).Chicken 2.0 has an ambiguous icon that simply says "Chicken" so no one knows what is on your phone as well as the ability to set a password to keep kids out of the game.Chicken 2.0 includes the ability to create and manage your own challenges as well as receive updated challenges on the fly without having to update your app. Just go to the update button in settings to receive the new challenges.So brush your teeth, take a shower, put on something sexy, dim the lights, and get ready for the hottest night of your lives.
Price USD 1.49
License Purchase
Version 1.5.9
Operating System Android
System Requirements None