Bricks Lite

Children love playing with bricks! They'll build cars, houses, airplanes, trains, robots and more. Store-bought sets come with building instructions, but what if you've already built them all?Bricks! for inspirationBricks! provides new, imaginative, awesome and educational new models children can build with the bricks they already have. Through a rotatable, zoomable 3D presentation, the apps takes children through the build process of each model step by step. It also provides a list of all parts that go into the model, so you can decide if you have all the bricks required beforehand (though experimentation with other bricks is always fun!)Selected models with different challengesBricks! offers models in three difficulty levels:One star: simple models with a small number of bricks. Great for 5-6 year olds.Two stars: intermediate models that are harder to build. Suitable for any age.Three stars: intricate, larger models that are a challenge to build. Great for older kids.Safe to useBricks! records no information about its users. No names, no email addresses, no cookies, no tracking. Also, there are no advertisements. It's completely free, and safe, to use.Lite and RegularBricks! comes in lite and regular flavors. The lite version offers 18 models, 6 for each challenge level. The regular version offers over a hundred models, providing that much more inspiration for your children. While the lite version is and will remain free, we hope that you will consider buying the regular version as well.App featuresSelect a model to build from a collection organized by difficultyPreview a rendering of the final modelConsult a list of bricks necessary for each buildGet step-by-step 3D instructions for building each modelZoom and rotate the model over any axisModels in Bricks!Bricks! features original work by a number of extremely talented model builders. An alphabetical of designers whose work is showcased:* Alvaro Garcia Campos (esfrolios) -* (The_Mugbearer) -* Barney Sharman (bamsham363) -* Berth Wan (Berth) -* Breyton Martin (Breyton) -* Cameron Miller (supertruper1988) -* David Kubecka (kejv2) -* Grant Harrington (Turbo8207) -* Ilya Muratov (ilyabuilder724) -* Nestor Borgo (Mith77) -* Ori Rosenstein (LegoOri) -* Rogedia -
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License Free
Version 2.0
Operating System Android
System Requirements None