ABC Learning Tracing Phonics Spelling Preschool

Learn ABC and 123 for kids write and learn how to write your 123 and ABC. Learn to trace lines, ABC alphabet, and numbers. Let your children enjoy to learn how to read, write (tracing), Listen (phonics) and spell English. English handwriting alphabets include 26 upper case letters (A-Z), 26 lower case letters (a-z), and 10 Arabic numbers. Your kids will enjoy learning in various games such as coloring book game, memory game, the dot connect game, match game, and vocabulary quiz game.You can switch menu between English and Thai.*** Who for "ABC 123 Kids Game - Vocab Phonics Tracing Spelling"? ***- Preschool, pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, primary school / elementary school (Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3 Grade 4, Grade 5 and Grade 6) kids who like to learn to write by tracing ABC & 123.- Parents who want to teach your child to learn to write: ABC alphabet letters & numbers. This app can be unlimited and repeated play. No need to waste a paper anymore.- Kindergarten teacher who wants to teaches our student to fun to learn English in the classroom.*** Apps Includes ***[Part 1] Learn A-Z and numbers 1-9 Vocabulary Practice English PhonicsLearn phonics a-z. Practice listening to English phonics and numbers ABC flashcards - Learn English words alphabetically A to Z divided into categories.(1) Animal Vocabulary.(2) Fruits and vegetable Vocabulary.(3) Dinosaur Vocabulary.(4) Counting Numbers.[Part 2] English Alphabet & Number TracingWrite ABC 123 handwriting a-z. Practice writing English letters and numbers, drag your finger along the perimeter and hear the words of each letter and number for children to enjoy the English Handwriting. The English phonics sounds spoken and enjoys learning.(1) English uppercase letter A - Z 26 characters.(2) English lowercase letter a - z 26 characters.(3) The 11 numbers include 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10.[Part 3] Learn English Spelling (Spelling)Practice English spelling. There is a glossary with the word preschool ABC of that vocabulary. Drag to place the correct position. You can play a word by sliding letters A to Z.[Part 4] The English Education Game is divided into five games.(1) Coloring Book GameChildren will enjoy learning. English letters A to Z and Arabic numerals 1 to 9. Learn numbers 1-9 through coloring practice that comes with a variety of colors. And there are cute stickers for children to choose their paint. Can save the finished painting. Keep boasting your father or mother or friends as well.(2) The Dot Connect GameThe game will show the number of points in the numbers for the children to draw lines in numbers. When the drag. It will display the image A to Z or number. Along with the reading of vocabulary related to the letter. Display the dots of the picture, a random sequence of dots. Make a unique variety and fun for kids.(3) Memory Game ABCD to ZThe memory training game for children to practice memory through the English alphabet, where children will remember their location or guess where the pictures match. The game include.3.1 English uppercase alphabets (A-Z).3.2 English lowercase alphabet (a-z).3.3 English uppercase alphabets (A-Z) with English lowercase alphabets (a-z).(4) Match Game ABC to ZThe game shows the English alphabet A-Z with four related images. This game include.4.1 Matches between English uppercase letters (A-Z) and the shadow.4.2 Match between English uppercase letters (A-Z) and lowercase letters (a-z).4.3 Matches between English uppercase letters (A-Z) and picture that begin with English alphabet.(5) Quiz GameThe game shows a face of animals or fruits. Tap on the correct letters (A-Z dropped from the top randomly) in sequence to complete vocabulary in limited time. Collect points to buy the items that help to play the game well. This includes a hammer, eye, and bomb.5.1 Tap on Hammer to hint one letter.5.2 Tap on Eye to show the answer for 3 seconds.5.3 Tap on Bomb to complete vocabulary.
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