Spot n Link: Romance Languages Learning Game

So you consider yourself wizard of Romance Languages? Play Spot n Link Romance Languages Learning and check where you stand. Classification is not that easy and if you think it is, Spot-n-Link Romance Languages Learning Game will either break your myth or help you gain more. With this Language Learning Game, you cannot only enjoy the mesh game on your device but also stay tuned to your interests, for example Romance Languages. Want to learn the Romance Languages languages? You are at a place where you will find all the Romance Languages languages to boost your knowledge! A few of which are Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian.In the gameplay section, you will find scattered Romance Languages tiles. Segregate the list according to the appropriate bucket with category written on them. Just link or make a chain of related category and throw them into the bucket. Boosters are always there to help you out. Get through the hurdles, gain perks and gifts. Score more level-wise with Trivia. Learn at each level. Know the least known facts from the world of Romance Languages. Get the details of Romance Languages like Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian etc. Play a real fun game with Spot n Link Romance Languages.Highlights of the game--- 25 episodes with 40 levels, each making 1000 challenges-- Amazing Trivia and Facts from the world of Romance Languages-- Test the knowledge at typical levels for rare facts and clues-- Timer to keep the excitement in QuizBoosters and clues in the game--- Halve It - Eliminates two "wrong" choices.-- Premium Clue - Get details of Romance Languages like Spanish, Mandarin, French, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian.-- Peek a Boo - Hint for the answer flashes before you. Be alert!-- Time Buyer - Get some more time to proceed with the game.-- Alpha Switch - Swap any 2 tiles of choice.-- Shuffle - Shuffle or rearrange the grid.Swapping, shuffling, linking and learning new Romance Languages list is so much fun. Spot n Link Romance Languages Learning will not only link the Romance Languages list to the category but link the heart to your interests. Grab and Win!**Edutainment Ventures brings the SMARTY games-> "Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking for YOU". Hold on, Game on and Learn on!Connect with us on:-Facebook-
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