Word mesh and search games have been in talk since ages. It is a game for people of all age groups. Mesh of Biology will introduce you to the worldwide Biology with search technique. In this busy world you have no time to explore your interests. Mesh of Biology breaks the ice by giving you a handy gaming app, wherein you can add a new list of interests.Biology is the science of life it deals with study of living organisms which makes it more interesting. With detailed facts and information, this brilliant Biology learning game take you deep into knowledge of Cell, Tissues, Genetics, Biochemistry, Enviornment Biology etc. Now, Bid adieu to boring learning methods and techniques. Stop pressurising your brain, and make learning a fun exercise with our radical learning game. Play a real fun game with Biology terms and add-on to your interest and knowledge. In the gaming section, you can search for the hidden Biology names in mesh. The list is given below. You must find all the words to move to the next level. With every pass you get to learn something new. Attempt Trivia to boost the score and learn more about Biology. Get through the hurdles, gain perks and gifts. Collect them in your kitty, Edubank, for future reference. Know everything about Biology like category etc.Game Features:--- 25 Episodes with over 1000 levels-- 2000+ Trivia from the worldwide Biology-- Test the knowledge at Trivia, use Free and Premium Clues-- Timer to keep the excitement in Quiz-- Know rare facts about BiologyUnique Boosters for help in need:--- Halve It - Eliminates two "wrong" choices.-- Premium Clue - Get details of Biology like category.-- Peek a Boo - Hint for the answer flashes before you. Be alert!-- Wild Card Clown - Reveals part of the answer.-- Autocomplete - Reveals all the words. Sit back and let it do the work.-- Time Buyer - Get some more time to proceed in the game.-- Premium Hint - Check how to strike the word.Improve your knowledge based on Biology, sitting at home. Cut the boredom with exciting Mesh of Biology. Search and Win with the fun game.**Edutainment Ventures brings the SMARTY games-> "Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking for YOU". Hold on, Game on and Learn on!Connect with us on:-Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/edutainmentventures/Twitter-https://twitter.com/Edutainment_VInstagram-https://www.instagram.com/edutainment_adventures/Website-http://www.edutainmentventures.com/
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