The Little Princess Mermaid 2: Dress Up Story Game

Andrina was the heir of a mermaid kingdom under the Ice sea. She needed to learn how to control her powers before she inherited the crown.But she failed, and froze a boy Ethan, who was the son of a witch! Fortunately, Ethan woke up and told her that maybe his mother could help her!At the moment they left, Lucas came back! He was the prince of another kingdom and had grown up with Andrina. He stopped them and expressed his love to Andrina. But...Features:- Follow the Andrina to start your adventure under the sea!- Tons of beautiful outfits to choose.- Help Andrina get the perfect makeup!- Oh, this cute dolphin gets hurt! Please help her and deal the wounds.- Shake your phone to get all the herbal medicine you need!- Wow! You will be the ice queen! Prepare yourself from toes to head!And so much more is waiting for you to find out at The Little Princess Mermaid 2: Dress Up Story Game !
Operating System Android