Magic Descendants High School 2: Prom Queen

Harley is the daughter of Evil Witch. She is a cool and evil girl just like her mother. This year, she is study in the famous descendants high which was funded for the talented children.But students there are divided into two groups: the heroes' kids and the villains' descendants. The two groups are rivals. They always fight and compete for the magic power.Harley meets a new friend, William, and have a romance date with this guy. They two will participate in the school prom, and the queen and king of the prom will take a shot for magazine cover.What Harley doesn't know is that a big scheme is prepared for her by a mysterious person......What will happenHey, hey, hey. Watch out, guys! The real devil's coming!Features:- Tons of dark styles makeup with creative beauties on eyes, faces, and lips.- Mini game to take a shot and vote for the best one!- Prom queen crown making and decoration for fun.- Invisible cloak hand making with magic lotion.- Harley should change her features to looks much more normal.- Destroyer make this place totally in a mess! All the things can't work, let's repair them!And so much more are waiting for you to find out at Magic Descendants High - Prom Queen.Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
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