Rhythm Pinwheel

Rhythm Pinwheel is a musical take on the popular toy that we all love, pinwheels. Choose one of the most famous and iconic classical music pieces and tap away on the screen with the beat to recreate them note by note and to make the pinwheel spin.Not good at keeping up with the rhythm? No problem! Use the "Free Mode" to simulate a real pinwheel with three control modes. You can tap the screen, swipe the screen or shake your device to make it spin.Features:d Rhythm Mode: Keep following the beats to recreate iconic music pieces like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Fur Elise by Beethoven and mored Free mode: A pinwheel simulator right in your pockets, with three control methods (Tap, swipe and shake)d Customizable pinwheel: Customize it to be your own, with a color palette and changeable unlockable skinsd Achievements: 12 unlockable achievements, can you unlock them all?d Leaderboards: Compete with your friends and the world to see who can keep up with the beats in Rhythm Mode and earn the most coins in one round
Operating System Android