Kids Nature Hunt

Kids Nature Hunt includes 8 nature themed mini-games for fun interactive toddler play. Designed for children ages 2-5, each mini-game allows pretend play to find and collect hidden nature treasures.This app provides 4 mini-games FREE.This app provides 4 mini-games with IN-APP PURCHASE.No ads ever.Eight mini-games to play! 1) Fireflies - Catch fireflies in a jar, touch the stars and moon 2) Ladybug Light - Interactive colorful lady bug lights 3) Fly Catcher - Learn counting 1-20 with a hungry frog 4) Snake Bop - Bop snakes to earn treasure 5) Bee Racer - Collect honey by racing your bee 6) Gator Chomp - Learn shapes by feeding them to an alligator 7) Pill Bug Roller - Roll pill bugs and explore the underground 8) Caterpillar Munch - Feed caterpillars apples to turn them into butterflies
Operating System Android