Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Game

Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Puzzle is a unique cube collapse puzzle game!Just match and tap on any 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color to eliminate and gather the toys. Don't be mindless! It is not easy to crush all the cubes and collect all the toys while your moves are limited! But don't worry! You can crush all the same color cubes by using unique boosters such as rocket booster, rainbow bombs, rainbow brush and many more!How to Play Cube Crush: Tap on 2 or more adjacent cubes of the same color create a successful collapse. Reach high scores and complete the unique missions to gather toys. Don't be mindless! In each level, your moves are limited. Use unique boosters and gifts if you meet some hard level and feel mindless to collapse the cubes.Unlock Unique Boosters of Cube Crush: Collapse 5 or 6 adjacent cubes to collect a transverse rocket booster. Crush 7 or 8 adjacent cubes of the same color to create a pop bomb. Collapse 9 to 12 adjacent same cubes to create a Rainbow Bomb, to crush all cubes of the same color. Clear 13 adjacent cubes at the same time for a Rainbow Brush.You Will Find Many Unique Elements in Cube Crush: The frozen ice cube that prevent you from blasting the cube. The cloud block that spread and grow to nearby cubes, you need to crush them. The wooden boxes that will crush when you blast cubes near them. The lock chain that will jail your cubes.Cube Crush:Collapse&Blast Game is the best puzzle game! Download Cube Crush: Collapse & Blast Puzzle now for free and test your puzzle solving skills with hours of block blasting fun! Get in touch with Cube Crush: Facebook - Email -
Operating System Android