Follow the White Line with your Skillful Finger

***This game is simple but challenging**** Drag your skillful finger and Tap the ball to indulge in the endless Zigzag dash, like a Slither Snake.* Follow the dancing line, avioding the borders and the rolling obstacles in the sky.* Keep running through the randomly generated maze to unlock the new levels.***How to play**** When you press the ball, the map begins to move backward. What looks like that the ball is rolling ahead. * When your skillful finger keeps away from the ball, the map stop moving backward.* When the map moves backward, you can control the ball to move around on the dancing line at any speed to any direction.* Be careful about the edges and the moving obstacles.* The longer you run, the more chanllenges you unlock. Awarded videos will help you a lot.***Features**** a completely free game, but it does not affect its soomth gaming experience.* Don't forget to get more rewards from rewarded vedios.* only one skiilful finger needed to play this game. *You can play and pause it anywhere, enjoy the fun in tiny pieces of time.* All kinds of maps and dynamic obstacles are waiting for you to unlock.* Amazing musics and sound effects.
Operating System Android