Kids Fire Fighters Training & Rescue Game

Kids Fire fighters training and rescue. This game is for children 4 and up. Young children might need help and explanation for some levels. Help your child master the game. Good quality time together! We have tried to keep the game play gender neutral. You can choose the female or the male character on the top left of the menu screen. Watch the video above to get a hang of the game (controls, settings, starting and playing the first level).Show kids the importance of eating right, knowledge, exercise and being fit. The activities besides study & training that go behind becoming a great fire fighter. Contains 4 free levels and 4 paid.The game still needs improvements. We are working on that.The game is priced at lowest possible rate now so please consider buying it and accessing the full game.Future levels will be available to all paid customers no matter when you bought the game. Only a one time purchase.We have not yet added ads to the game. We might. in the about section and after each level is successfully completed.
VersionGreat 28
Operating System Android