Puppies care - Virtual dog

Puppies to take care of is a different game of virtual pets, it has several own rooms where to move with freedom, to play and to eat. You have three puppies to take care of. You can go out into the garden, into the games room or watch the fireworks of the Night of San Juan.You can also transport it to the augmented reality to see it on your table, floor or in your hand.It has three different skins that you can change whenever you want. You can also acquire the magic potion that turns your puppy's skin to pink.You can join your puppy with two kittens of your neighbor in the same house!New: Activate the microphone option of the app and interact with your real pet !! It is fun !!BASIC INSTRUCTIONSThe dog responds to certain pulsations within its 3d environment. These are the most common:When you click on the carpet the dog runs. This is the starting point. Here we can touch the puppy and make certain movements. As he drags the icon of the hand over the pet, it collapses and growls.When you click on the bottom furniture, the puppy will walk to them.If we click on the corner lamp, the light goes off and the dog falls asleep. If the puppy was already sleeping and the light off, when the lamp touches the light comes on and the dog wakes up.When you click on any of the two boxes, roof balls fall randomly.By clicking on the balls, the puppy pursues them. Each time the puppy touches any of the initial balls, they create new balls that disappear when touched. When the puppy touches the initial balls and plays with them, it consumes energy and the puppy slims.Being in the kitchen, when touching the plate of food or drink the puppy will feed. Do not feed the dog much because he can become fat and slow and lazy. In this case, you have to play a lot with it to make it thin.While in the bathroom, first turn on the water tap and wait for the level to rise. After a moment, the water closes by itself and the sponge appears on the screen. If you drag the sponge on top of the puppy, it will create a lot of foam and bubbles and the puppy will be clean. Once clean, we can dry it with the towel in the same way.As the days go by, the puppy grows and grows bigger.Your skin changes if it is dirty or clean, if you are fat or thin.You can play with him in his room or take him to the games room where you will have a lot of fun.Your puppy loves to play with the ball (click on it to jump) and will chase after her. This will get in shape and the points will rise. If you get many you can buy the necklace and even change the appearance (skin).If you click on the box on the sofa, the ball will fall back into its initial place.When you click on the lamp in the corner, the light will turn off and the puppy will go to sleep. If you click again the lamp turns on and the dog wakes up.You can caress it when it is on the carpet by clicking many times on top of the puppy.If you click on the food plate, the puppy will eat the ration.In the laundry room, you will have to open the faucet to bring the water level up. In a moment, the faucet will close automatically and you can wash it with the sponge. Washing is fun and lots of foam and soap bubbles appear.Then you can dry it with the towel and empty the water.
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