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TAMBOLA GAME | BINGO GAME | HOUSIE GAME | ONLINE TAMBOLA | MULTIPLAYER TAMBOLATAMBOLA is a game of PROBABILITY. It known as TAMBOLA GAME - BINGO GAME - HOUSIE GAME that you plays with REAL PLAYERS.HOW TO PLAY TAMBOLA GAME -The Tambola Game App caller calls randomly generated number, one at a time. The players mark off the numbers on their tickets as the numbers are called by a caller. The winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers of a winning combination.TAMBOLA GAME FLOW -Login with Facebook OR Continue as GuestHOME -Public Game - Player plays as single player. In case, other Player plays the public game, they can join in one room as multiplayerPrivate Game - Player plays with friends and with Facebook friends as multiplayer by using Create Room OR Join Room optionRate the GameShare the GameControl the SoundSee the NotificationPowerClaim the RewardBuy ChipsEarn the FREE ChipsTicket VALUES - The Game offers max. FOUR tickets with 1000 chips per ticket. Ticket ARRANGEMENTS - The Tambola Game offers horizontal rows and 9 vertical columns with a total of 27 boxes. Each line has 5 filled numbers on it and four boxes are left blank. Player plays with one, two, three or four tickets. The maximum number of bingo players can be 10. Tambola Game CLAIMS - Early FiveTop LineMiddle Line Bottom Line Four CornersFull HouseTambola Game COSTS - In Public or Private game, If Player leaves play screen in between...1 ticket = Player lose 1000 chips2 tickets = Player lose 2000 chips3 tickets = Player lose 3000 chips4 tickets = Player lose 4000 chipsNetwork connection is lost or poor network = Player lose 1000 chipsTambola Game PURCHASE - 10000 chips in $0.99 (Rs.65 )40000 chips in $1.99 (Rs.130 )50000 chips in $2.99 (Rs.190 )150000 chips in $3.99 (Rs.260 )250000 chips in $4.99 (Rs.320 )Tambola Game FEATURES - Play with friends across the worldPrivate tambola game Public tambola game Play as Guest Play by Facebook login Play Live with REAL PLAYERS Earn free Tambola chipsTambola Game REWARDS - First time - Earn 20000 FREE chipsEarn FREE point or claim reward points - Earn 250 FREE chipsAs a Guest Player - Earn 2000 daily FREE chips As a Facebook Player - Earn 2500 daily FREE chips Tambola Game RULES -Each player requires least one ticket to enter a gameThe player, who mark all the numbers very first, declares as the WINNEROn claim, if Player's ticket winning pattern founds wrong then Player you cannot continue to the game with same ticketThe game ends, when all the 90 numbers or when a winner is declared for all the combination of the game, whichever comes firstUnique Number amoung all Tickets in Room to SPEED-Up Tambola Winning CycleFaster Tambola Number Speaking and Tambola Ticket Generator to INCRESE the Game ThrillPromote Social Media login by offering EXTRA FREE CHIPSTAMBOLA GAME | BINGO GAME | HOUSIE GAME | ONLINE TAMBOLA | MULTIPLAYER TAMBOLATambola Game | Bingo Games | Housie Game | Tambola Bingo | Tambola Ticket Generator | Tambola Number Speaking | Tambola Numbers | Tambola Tickets | Tambola Bingo | Tambola Game with Tickets | Tambola Bingo Game | Tambola Board | Tambola Caller | Tambola Calling | Tambola Counter | Tambola Number Calling | Tambola Online | Tambola - Indian Bingo | Tambola Indian | Tambola India Bingo | Tambola Indian Game | Tambola Game for Kids | Tambola King Latest Tambola Games | Tambola Multiplayer | Multiplayer Tambola | Tambola Real Money | Tambola Earn Money | Tambola for Money | Tambola for Kids | Tambola Games | Tambola Game with Tickets | Tambola Game Number Calling | Tambola Earn Money | Tambola Free | Tambola Free Games | Tambola - Indian Bingo Free | Play Tambola Game | Real Tambola GameTAMBOLA GAME | BINGO GAME | HOUSIE GAME | ONLINE TAMBOLA | MULTIPLAYER TAMBOLA
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