Witch Farm Inc.

Help Diana build a profitable farming business! Expand your charming farmland, earn millions mana potions, invest wisely as a venture capitalist. Fantasy woods fairy adventure! Features:- Free to play anywhere, no internet required. Idle profits income even offline. - Plant and Upgrade. Automate production, manage investment to boost your economy- Grow enchanted plants and hatch tiny creatures. Complete quests evolution!- Prestige by selling your magical harvest to wiz market in return for mana elixir bottles. - Chests and Puzzles. Swipe to mine treasure chests, collect epic puzzles. - Unique crafty wand to cast witchy spells and increase cash income. Tap tap puffThe mystery forest farm with mushrooms, rabbit, herbs, weed, owls, piranhas, pumpkins, boo, zombie, kraken, dragon pet you can hatch and plant!Explore the biggest halloween collection of charming crops and animals. Endless resources mining simulator in your pocket!Log in to Facebook to easily sync the game between devices
Operating System Android