Pretty Little Chef Pizza Maker - Cooking Game

Indulge yourself in an all new kitchen story & become Pretty Little Chef in this kitchen cooking game. If you loves pizza but can't bake it than Pretty Little Chef Pizza Maker game is for you. Since fast food fever is back especially for the home cooking chef which will bring a world of flavor into your life. Bake your own delicious pizza and make this a mouth-watering experience with Pretty Little Chef Pizza Maker Game. Unleash your pretty little chef creativity, choose from a huge selection of ingredients and bake the kind of pizza you like in the pretty little chef kitchen game. Be the best baker & pretty little chef the cooking world has ever seen! So what toppings do you like the most Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Sausage or bacon? We have gathered world best ingredients & recipes in virtual kitchen to make it happen for you. So grab chef aprons & bake some amazing pizza as you are a top pretty little chef in cooking world who is cooking in the virtual kitchen! With more than hundred's of food toppings to choose from including veggies, meats, cheese, herbs, spices & seafood to sure the pizza cooking fever. So quench your kitchen cooking fever & be a master cooking pretty little chef and bake some delicious and mouth watering pizza in virtual kitchen.Cook the most amazing and exciting pizza with the best toppings and flavours and toss it into your master delighting food.Pretty Little Chef Pizza maker is a cooking game for girls which gives chance to become a pretty little chef and create a perfect and yummy tasty pizza each and every time. You get to make your own sauce, grate cheese, cut vegetables and serve up a delicious homemade pizza cooked by master chef! With just a little practice in virtual kitchen you will become an authentic Italian cooking chef and a pizza maker! Start your day in the kitchen where all food ingredients are placed on the shelf. Experience the true pizza maker & baker environment with virtual chef. In a large bowl add water, flour, butter and yeast. Mix it well add salt and mix it again. Roll the mixture with rolling pin than add tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms or what ever toppings you like on the counter top, than put it in the oven and watch it as the crust becomes brown, see how the cheese melts and all other ingredients cook to perfection. Pretty Little Chef Pizza Maker Features:* Endless combinations to make any tasty pizza you desire.* Spread the sauce over the pizza ready for the ingredients to be spread.* Chop the onion, capsicum, mushroom, and cheese ready to mix in with your meal.* Mix and cook all the ingredients together until it is boiling hot and yummy smelling.* Tons of toppings including Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Onions, Sausage or bacon etc.* Bake pizza dough from scratch, add & mix the ingredients and stretch out the dough with a rolling pin.
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