All Flags & Capitals of the World

"Flags of the World" is a quiz game (trivia) allows you to learn capital and flag of every country. Thankfully to AI algorithm you will remember every flag and capital city which you learned with this game.There are 245+ flags, 245+ capital cities, 3 game types and 12 levels which will get harder progressively in this flags quiz game. Sets of flags are mixed in a way which helps you know differences faster than in other apps.Every level has ~20 flags, 20 capital cities and you have up to 20 seconds to match the flag and country for each question. If you choose a wrong flag, you will see the name of that flag.There is also flashcard functionality and list of countries with information about: languages, capital, native name, currency, population and borders.Guess the country name from 4 flags or guess the flag from 4 countries. Guess the country flag of given capital city name. No confusing mechanics. Simple and modern design.With a wide range of languages, learn in your native language.You can use our fun and educational app "Flags of The World Quiz" in following languages: English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, Chinesse.When you finish the Flags' app in a language, you may clear your app data and go on learning flags in other languages.
Operating System Android