Guru Gobind Singh ji Quiz App

Let's find out that how much you, your known or your kids know about Guru Gobind Singh ji or learn, revise or increase knowledge in interactive & easy way by playing this Quiz App.I have written questions in such a way that while playing Quiz anyone across the Globe should get knowledge related to Guru Gobind Singh ji. Instead of displaying four options, I am displaying only two options so that automatically user or player should know the correct answer even if he or she selects the wrong answer.My purpose of also developing Guru Gobind Singh ji Quiz App is to increase awareness, to promote more Sikhism & to help & support Globe to learn, revise or increase their knowledge in interactive & easy way using the correct use of their Gadgets, Smartphones or Tablet PC etc. & to also promote good works, Indian & other Cultures etc.- GURMEET SINGH DANG (Owner & Founder of GURMEETWEB TECHNICAL LABS,
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