DiaryZapp is your kids fun artbox adventure journal that you can share with the whole familyCheck out all of the cool things DiaryZapp includes belowKEY FEATURES:DiaryZapp is more than just a diary! It brings journaling into the 21st century5 Gold stars at independent review, Educational App store said:'This is an interactive diary app that encourages young people to document their adventures and their lives in an interactive way whilst improving their communication and literacy skills in the process.'- There are no in-app purchases, kids can earn points the more times they write and unlock a treasure trove of stickers.- If your child feels the urge to draw instead of writing they can get creative with a full artbox of colouring pens, brushes and special effects tools. Little ones can draw and make marks - capture those early special pictures.- When they've finished their entry they can save it and share it with close family and friends at the touch of a button. Loved ones need never miss a memory again!- Import their favourite photos into their page. Then squiggle moustaches, unicorns, footballs and fairies over them to add that final perfect touch.- Each child gets to create their own 'Zappicon' creature to help them through the app. then take a selfie.- Their Zappicon also can guide them if they get stuck choosing what to write about, their Zappicon will also suggest words to boost vocabulary.CREATEDiaryZapp is a space for your child to capture their daily adventures, broaden their literacy skills and share their creations every day over holidays, weekends and beyond. Watch your child's confidence grow every time they ZAPP.TELL YOUR STORYTen minutes is all it takes and we bet they'll be on longer than that, well they'll have so much to write about ... From magnificent dens, to camping at Grandma's, are no boundaries to the stories they can tellSHAREBy adding a list of pre-approved email addresses it's easy for your children to share their day with the family so Grandma's going to be very happy. She can even leave a positive message to praise them for their writing if she wants to. It's easy for your children to share their day with fellow DiaryZappers via our secure app-to-app sharing.PhotoboxWe've teamed up with Photobox so you can easily print off your child's favourite memories, create holiday mementos or even build an entire book for the whole family to read and enjoyLEARNWe've designed DiaryZapp to boost kids learning by stealth! Increased vocabulary, spelling skills and an overall literacy boost are amongst the benefits.It is well researched that children regress by up to six months over the course of the long summer holidays, negatively impacting their grades and overall performance. This can lead to confidence issues and stress. DiaryZapp was initially borne with a mission to help prevent learning loss, or the 'summer slide' as it's known. Even ten minutes of writing, drawing and reading a day helps to protect them against the negative impact of six weeks off.DIARYZAPP ASSURANCE:DiaryZapp is a family company, created for other families to enjoy. We want to reassure you of the following:There are no in-app purchases within DiaryZapp. Not one.DiaryZapp is not a newsreel that is visible in any way to the world.Your details and your children's details are kept strictly private.You the parent are the 'Chief Adult' within DiaryZapp. You are the gateway to approve who is on the buddy list and can even choose, if you wish, to approve entries before they are sent.Whilst DiaryZapp works on both Phones and tablets, we recommend your budding writers use tablets for a better creative experience.Learn more at: http://www.diaryzapp.comPRIVACY POLICY:Our Privacy Policy can be viewed here: http://www.diaryzapp.com/privacy-policy/CONTACT US:We'd love to know what you think about DiaryZapp so please drop us a line at sayhello@diaryzapp.com
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