Lovely Chocobos - MCPE Addon with Animals

Thanks to the universe of Final Fantasy free MCPE addon Chocobo was created. The mod is about these marvellous birds that can be tamed, saddled and do many other interesting things.I recommend you to switch on the sounds before running this MCPE mod as Chocobos are easy to find in the forest because of distinctive sounds they make.The birds can be tamed with help of Gysahl, an unusual fruit migrated to Minecraft universe from Final Fantasy, too. Or simply use a spawn egg (id:2901) for making it easier. Now you can hop on!Don't forget to build an enclosure for your Chocobos to let them recover strength. They will thank you by being faithful and useful friends.To play this addon for Minecraft PE you need to install BlockLauncher or a similar app.Install the original Minecraft Pocket Edition App on your device to play with this MCPE mod.DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFT PRODUCT. NOT APPROVED BY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. This mod for MCPE is not developed or supported by Mojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition are trademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE mod are not affiliated with Mojang. This application adheres to the terms set up by Mojang AB. More info at
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