Unicorn Food Rainbow Pizza - Sweet Candy Maker Fun

Unicorn Rainbow Pizza is a Must Get Unicorn Food App! Unicorn Food is so Popular with Glittery, Shimmering Colors and Delicious Candy! 1st Unicorn Pizza Game!Get Ready to Make Pizza with Sparkling Unicorn Horns, Glitter Ears and Tons of Eyes! Your Unicorn Rainbow Pizza will be the Most Popular! 150+ Yummy Unicorn Candy Toppings!Make your Rainbow Pizza with Real Ingredients & Some Unicorn Candy Extras! Select from Yummy Flavors like Glitter Dream, Rainbow Sparkle, Chocolate, Strawberry, Confetti & More!Mix, Refrigerate, Roll the Pizza Dough, Sprinkle Glitter and Bake in the Pizza Oven. Then, Decorate with Tons of Glitter Sauces!Now, you Add the Unicorn Decorations! Gummy Candy, Sprinkles, Rainbow Decorations, Shiny Unicorn Horns, Funny Noses, Fancy Eyes and more! Real Pizza Toppings, too, like Pepperoni, Olives, Pineapple, Mushrooms and more!Be the Best Pizza Chef in Town! Why Bake Boring, Traditional Pizzas when you can Eat Colorful and Trendy UNICORN RAINBOW PIZZAS?!? Make the Most Fashionable Unicorn Pizza!Unicorn Rainbow Pizza Maker features:Choose from 9 Pizza Dough FlavorsSelect from 7+ Glitter Rainbow BackgroundsMix Ingredients. Roll Dough, Sprinkle Glitter Flour. Fold Dough. Pinch DoughBake Unicorn Pizza in Wood Fire Pizza OvenSelect from 10+ Candy Pizza GlazesDecorate with Sprinkles, Candy, Glitter, Icing Swirls, Lollipops, Chocolate, Gummy Worms, Unicorn Horns & Ears, Stars, Funny Decor & moreTons of Traditional Pizza Toppings from Sausage to CheeseUnicorn Decor like Rainbow Hearts, Colorful Bows, Jewelry and Funny FacesRealistic Cooking StepsEat Unicorn PizzaSave Decorated Unicorn Rainbow Pizza to Photo GalleryThousands of Ways to Create your Fashionable Unicorn Pizza!1st Unicorn Pizza Game!
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