Super Crazy Sports Car Wash Salon

Kids we teach you how to wash & Repair a sports car ready for your annual Christmas festival. We have all this new game, car wash and Repair, where you can show everyone how much you like car cleaning Perfect at the service station. Cleaning cars are very important so you have to wash as well as Repair refuel car wash, and Let' make it attractive.Use the Steering Wheel, Tilting or Buttons controls.Kids love to wash and repair awesome and super cool sports car, bike and truck. This vehicle washing and fixing kids game will teach your kids how to take care of their amazing car and other automobile. Having a sports car is cool thing but handling it with care and responsibility is a difficult, which kids needs to learn. So parents let your kids enjoy the crazy sports car wash salon game and educate them the manners of managing and caring about their car and bikes.Get your racer sports car ready to race the professionals on the track. Here you can choose your car, wash it, fix it, wash the tires, check the look, and accessorize it to make it stand out as you drive pass the loud crowd. Don't be late for the track and get your car up and running with this car wash game!Start to wash, dry, shine and polish the exterior to give it a shiny look. Choose your own design, choose your favorite color, different stickers and cool wheels.Crazy sports car wash salon is all about cleaning, washing and repairing the dirty and muddy sports cars. Clean up your own messy and rusty sports bikes and make them look new to give your parents a wonderful surprise. Show your love to your rides by doing repair, fix it and makeover work on them.After a long day journey kid's sports car is full of mess and mud. Don't Worry now the best washer and cleaner Santa shop is here. Little rider take your dream dusty car in the service station room for cleanup. To wash & cleanup the sports car use cloth for cleaning the dirt and mess spots. Now wash the muddy areas with water flow. To shine up the motorcycle's parts apply soup with sponge. Apply soup on engine, tires, wheels and whole body. Clean the soup using water. The car is cleaned up and looking beautiful.The Super Santa salon worked awesomely. The winter holidays are coming and you need a creative and cool diversion for them to stop them from wandering in snow and ice.Kids now wash your automobile to design, decorate and makeover it with wonderful designer skills. Now play and enjoy this fun game and allow us to be the fun creator and builder for your kids' dream fun time.Features:- Pick most fabulous sports car you want to wash and clean.- Wash your car to make it clean.- Fix the cracks, and scrapes for a new finish.- Accessorize your sports car to give it a new and unique touch.
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