Happy Children Math

HAPPY CHILDREN MATH - FREE KIDS MATH GAME. It is not only the unique, exciting game for kids but also very educational, fun and challenging. The game is full of lovely animals and every kid loves animals. It is also a free game. Children can easily learn the math addition , subtraction , division and multiplication having much fun ! Works perfectly for kids in all ages. After playing this free math game, your children definitely will calculate faster.Happy Children Math provides an introduction to simple and hard addition , subtraction , division and multiplication equations! Your child will be rewarded with cute and lovable balloons when he succeeds, animals will pop out in the game and that will keep them interested, also they can make funny noises! Simply choose the correct answer to each equation and solve the puzzle! This is a specially built educational game for kids that will hold their attention to learning math.Happy Children Math has 4 modes: Addition Game, Subtraction Game , Division Game and Multiplication Game. You will find different levels with range of : 0 to 10; 0 to 30; 0 to 100.They are divided into Easy,Medium and Hard section. It easier to learn in this way.Fun educational math game for training mental addition , subtraction , division and multiplication skills. With HAPPY CHILDREN MATH you and your child will learn to count fast and error free. You will certainly fall in love with math!--------------------------------------------------HOW TO PLAY - HAPPY CHILDREN MATHChoose your difficulty.Choose your operation.Choose the tile that has the right answer number.--------------------------------------------------HAPPY CHILDREN MATH FEATURESFree educational game for kidsDesigned as an educational games tool to practice and learn addition concept for kids of Kindergarten and school4 games modes: Addition Game, Subtraction Game , Division Game and Multiplication Game4 different levels with range of: 0 to 10; 0 to 30; 0 to 100;Nice happy and attractive music and sound effects.Colorful graphics full of animals having clearly drawn images and picturesThis educational games has creative graphics improve the brain's observation skills, cognitive ability, concentration, memory, creativity and imagination for kids.Sounds and special effects to keep your kids engagedSimple gameplay in this game for kids.--------------------------------------------------Your child will love playing Happy Children Math. Downloading HAPPY CHILDREN MATH will certainly be a correct choice for parents who are in search for fantastic kid's educational game. Learning is fun with this particular member of free apps that aim for kid's learning right from a young age.Test your kid's abilities to sum with our addition game, or play our subtraction, division and multiplication game. Math is a very important part of our life. Mathematics can help you in your calculations in the future. Addition, subtraction, division and multiplication in our game are perfect for kids in all ages. This free game teaches kids times tables easier and elementary mathematics. It is fun and kids are feeling happy while playing our math game. The game contains all sorts of animals which kids love like : elephant , cat , penguin, lion, turtle , walrus , monkey , snake , fox , fish , shark , donkey and others. All fun and entertaining animals are in our free kids math game.Exclusive music for our game from Codemusic. Live instrumentals , happy songs for your kids to listen to in our math game.Let's enjoy this simple and addictive math educational game! Try out this fun educational game with your kids.If you like HAPPY CHILDREN MATH, please review it. Your feedback will be use in future updates.
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