IQ Clash Lite - Brain Training Games

Entertrainer is a brain training program, offering you a challenging way to stimulate your brain and improve your memory, cognitive abilities, broaden attention span and increase your focus. A proven beneficial addition to regular education routine.Custom tailored programs will track your improvement, helping you peak in the areas that YOU choose.Features to compliment your education:Cognitive abilities improvement;Longer attention span;Increase in focus intensity;Memory improving games;Custom tailored sessions to keep brain training challenging;A performance tracker to map your progress in education.Inspiration behind the projectAncient Greeks believed that it is a sin not to push your body and brain to your limit. Be the best YOU that you can. Today we follow the motto and do brain and body training to improve ourselves physically and mentally.Be somebody, be smarter, pursue education, stimulate your brain daily, stay focused and test your own limit. All the challenging stimuli will prove beneficial.Don't just be yourself. Be your better self.
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