Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Islamic Quiz Games

Assalam Alaikum! Download "Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Islamic Quiz Games" and test your knowledge about "Islam religion" and culture with interesting and intelligent "Islamic quiz questions". How much do you know about Quran stories, Muslim history, Islamic Dua or Islamic Hadees? With smart Islamic general knowledge questions and answers you can test your knowledge and learn some new information. You think you know everything about Islam religion? Take a quiz and gain knowledge about the largest of religions of the world with a smart religious game for everyone. Understanding the Holy Quran is essential for every religious Muslim person. For some, this is the impossible quiz challenge with too difficult questions. Are you a true believer? Test your knowledge of history of Islam in English with a smart "Quran quiz questions and answers". What are the companions of the Prophet called? What is the first month of the Islamic calendar? When do we pray Fajr? Answer questions, guess the picture, choose the correct answer and so much more in this entertaining and useful family game of knowledge - Islamic quiz for kids and parents."Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Islamic Quiz Games" features:Two game modes available:* Endless - play as long as you give correct answers to various trivia questions. The game ends as soon as you give 3 wrong answers.* Time - prolong your playing time as long as you give correct answers!Four different types of questions:* Multiple Choice - choose the correct out of four offered answers;* Entry - arrange a word from letters to give the answer;* Scratch - the picture and type in the correct answer;* Blur - sharpen the blurred image and type in the correct answer.Download fun and educational Islamic quiz questions answers in English to learn about Islam.Learn about Islam with Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Islamic Quiz Games knowledge test game. Interesting and intelligent English Islamic quiz for children free general knowledge quiz questions and answers. You have read all the Islamic stories and Quran stories? Test your knowledge of world religions with an entertaining and useful Islamic quiz with answers. Get the amusing and educational children Islamic quiz in English for kids - kids Islamic quiz in English that your son or daughter will enjoy. Learn about Koran, Namaz time, Fajr time, Maghrib prayer, Ramazan fast, prophet Muhammad stories, prayers and so much more!Get one of the best Islamic educational apps for kids and adults, and Islamic educational games.Play the most fun free quiz of knowledge - free game of Islamic knowledge questions and answers - one of the top fun quizzes for kids and adults to play and learn about the religion of Islam, Muslim culture and values. Choose one of the top Islam quiz games general knowledge test apps with smart GK questions with answers. If you like learning about Islam, Muslim quiz games for girls and boys are perfect for playing and learning at the same time.Download Islamic quiz app Islam q and a - Quran quiz questions and answers general knowledge test.How well do you know the book of Allah? This entertaining game of knowledge with trivia questions is one of the most useful fun quizzes to take and fun quizzes for kids to learn about Islam, Al Quran, Muslim background, culture and history. This "Islamic quiz questions and answers" is a great educational game to help children learn important "Islamic knowledge". If you enjoy free religious games for kids and adults to play together, this is a perfect educational quiz for the whole family, with many Islam information and interesting facts. Download Islamic General Knowledge Quiz Islamic Quiz Games and show how much your know about Muslim religions, culture and tradition.
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