Christmas Quiz - Christmas Trivia Game

Download Christmas Quiz - Christmas Trivia Game and start answering interesting and fun questions about this joyous holiday! Test your general knowledge with interesting and intelligent questions and answers for the whole family. If you like family quizzes and funny quiz games, this is the best holiday quiz game for you and your family. Choose one of the top fun quizzes for kids and adults to learn about this great Christian holiday - songs, movies, traditions, carols, Santa Claus. Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy the Christmas and New Year's day with your loved ones the best possible way. Can you answer all the Xmas quiz questions in this free picture quiz? If you enjoy playing free quiz games general knowledge with free quiz questions and answers, this is the perfect Christmas time game to play with friends or as a family trivia questions and answers. Choose one of the best Christmas trivia games and New Year games and share some quality time with your loved ones.Christmas Quiz - Christmas Trivia Game features:Two game modes available:* Endless - play for as long as you give correct answers to Christmas quiz questions. The game ends as soon as you give 3 wrong answers.* Time - prolong your playing time as long as you give correct answers!Four different types of questions:* Multiple Choice - choose the correct out of four offered answers;* Entry - arrange the letters into the correct order to give the answer;* Scratch - scratch the picture and type in the correct answer;* Blur - a blurred picture of an object is shown and your task is to sharpen the blurred image and type in the correct answer.Download Christmas games for free - Christmas trivia quiz for children and adults.Christmas Quiz - Christmas Trivia Game is a perfect joyful and funny Christmas quiz questions and answers to help you get into the Xmas spirit!Start the family fun right now! What should little children leave out for Santa on Christmas Eve? What is Frosty the Snowman's nose made of? Which reindeer's name starts with a "B"? Christmas trivia games for adults and kids are an amazing free quizzes to play with you children or close friends and learn some amusing interesting facts about this great holiday and its history. Play and learn at the same time with Christmas questions and answers general knowledge test on Xmas trivia. Try and answer all the Xmas quiz questions to check your knowledge of funny Christmas trivia facts in one of the most amazing Xmas games for kids and parents to play together.Discover the meaning of Xmas with free Xmas quizzes with interesting information and the best fun facts!This festive season, spread the joy and teach your children about the greatest Christian holiday in a fun and enjoyable way. If you were looking for some new Christmas games for kids and adults, this quiz app is simply perfect for you! This is not a typical Christian quiz or a Bible quiz - this is a family trivia free quiz game for girls, boys and teenagers. Choose the most adorable kids quiz games and free Xmas games - easy quiz games for kids and kids learning games. Start the Christmas countdown 2017! Quiz it up and test your general knowledge with amusing Christmas trivia with answers. Download Christmas Quiz - Christmas Trivia Game and share some wonderful time with you family!
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