Cat Squadron - Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter

Join the Cat Squadron in this space shooter game to defense the galaxy against the space attack of the mechanical mouses.Those mouses have rob a Cheese Bank on the Food Planet and stealing a lot of precious cheese. In that situation, the government of Food Planet had an meeting and they decided to assemble the Cat Squadron to chasing down the mouses and bringing the cheese back safety, before they use it for some evil plan.Prepare yourself to travel in a galaxy shooter game and face against the galaxy attack of many large army of mouse. The mouse legion is leading by 5 giant mouses with super power that can wipe out an entire army.Cat Squadron - Galaxy Defender is a vertical shoot em' up space shooter game. You can choose 1 member of the Cat Squadron and control him to shoot down the enemies. You will only need to use one finger to move the spaceship around, dodge the enemies's attack and the spaceship will fire automatically with unlimited ammo.Also, this galaxy shooter game allow you to choose a drone to fly side by side with you like a wingman. Some Drone can only available after defeating the Bosses.You can upgrade your spaceships to a whole new levels just by using coins earns from many sources like shoot down mouses, Daily Missions and Achievements. And you can buy new spaceship and new drone with coins too.Features in Cat Squadron - Galaxy Defender:2 game modes: Adventures and Endless35+ level to challenge5+ Bosses with many special skills6 types of enemies with various attack pattern6 Spaceships with different type of bullet8+ Drones shooting alongside with youHigh quality graphic and soundAmazing and stunning special effects
Operating System Android