How to color Cartoons for kids

If your child loves pages of SpongeBob, Shopkins, Pj masks, Elsa and anna, Doraemon, Ben 10, Paw patrol coloring, this cartoons coloring game for kids is made for him.This Cartoons Coloring Book for kids contains more than 100 images ... with the option of Pinch and Zoom to better color the details of the image. So your kids will love this educational coloring game while choosing a drawing from one of the following Listes of the most famous cartoons:-SpongeBob- Shopkins- Pj masks-Elsa and anna- Shimmer-Pokemon- Doraemon- Ben 10- Paw patrolThis coloring game of famous cartoons for kids like SpongeBob, Shopkins, Shimmer,Pokemon, Doraemon, Pj masks,Paw patrol ....will allow your children to learn to combine colors and develop traction. They will only have to choose a cartoon, then the colors of the 84 available on the application, then save their favorite cartoon or super hero, or share their creation on Facebook, Twitter Whatsap, It's too simple.* How to play with this cartoons coloring book for kids in 5 steps:1) Choose your favorite Pokemon or Pj masks or Ben 10 for example.2) Type your favorite color.3) Start coloring your Shimmer or Elsa and Anna.4) Save and share your drawing.FUNCTIONALITIES of How to color cartoons for kids:- Available in 3 languages (English, French and Spanish)- More than 150 beautiful images of SpongeBob, Shopkins, Elsa and anna, Shimmer,Pokemon, Doraemon, Ben 10, Paw patrol- More than 80 colors.- The option to grow Pinch / Zoom images.- Saving and sharing masterpieces.- 100% Free and functional without requiring a connection.* Note:The images used in the application How to color cartoons for kids are free of rights. In the event that the owner of any of the resources included in the application wants to opt out of the Cartoons Coloring Book application, please send us an e-mail immediately.Install this application "How to color cartoons for kids",And give pleasure to you and your children!
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