Long Hair Princess 4 - Happy Wedding

The King and Queen held a ball to welcome the return of long hair princess, but the evil witch appeared to have cast a sleep spell to this kingdom. And the whole kingdom was covered with a thick sheet of snow. Princess reproached herself for letting the country into trouble. The prince Eukin stayed by the princess' side to help the kingdom get rid of this nightmare. The princess confessed her love to Eukin, so the King and Queen will hold a wedding for them.Download and play for FREE!!See you in Bear Hugs Long Hair Princess 4...Product Features:- DIY wedding invitation card sending to your guest through royal pigeons-Perfect wedding must have a perfect ring-Use real tools to make your style wedding ring-Make a lovely, delicious princess style wedding cake- Give the long hair princess a fantastic bride makeover-Perfect bride should be with charming groom, help prince get ready for the wedding-Design the most beautiful wedding arch,don't forget this is a royal wedding-Now everything is prepared, the sweetest moment is happening, don't miss it.-Happy forever ending for long hair princess & her prince.Having problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!You can find us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/BearHugMediaPrincessGameor on Twitter at https://twitter.com/bear_hug_mediaAnd website at http://www.bearhugmedia.com
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