Kung Fu Boy against Bullying

Kung fu Boy practice the kung fu and some other martial arts to get ready against bullying. In this free kung fu game, we will tell you a story of a kung fu kid and his daily routines for practice the kung fu art, participating in the tournament, kung fu boy food, school classes and kung fu dress Up. It is not possible to learn the basic of kung fu in short period of time. Kung fu is often a lifelong journey. It takes year to be expert in martial art as a whole. With the dedication, patience and foresight, you can be the master of basic moves of kung fu.First of all you have to practice the basic moves and stances. choose a safe training space of club type space where you can focus on observe your form. It will be good to place a large mirror where you can see yourself practicing. Warm up with five minutes jogging around the club area and do some jumping jacks for blood flowing. Then do some stretching so your body will be flexible and nice. Then you may do some horse stances. To learn kung fu quickly, stick with the simple moves first. Start off with the straight punch.Shadow boxing will help you a lot in kung fu basics. Punch the air will add a lot of good things in your practice. Do some punches while warming up. Shadow boxing will help you a lot in kung fu. Start with your left feet forward then punch forward with your left arm. It's like the shadow boxing move. Do a series of jumping the oblique twist. Jumping in the air and twist your feet. Again jumping and twist to the left. You chest should stay forward. Try the world greatest stretch and working the upper body. Do an upward block and downward block. Do some alternate punches and then punch up and stretch. Try push-ups and some extra stretch. Then working with the lower body, do atlas twenty straight kicks then ten to fifteen round kicks. you can do ten crescent kicks. Lay on your back and try the leg raises.**** Kung Fu Boy Against Bullying ***** Martial art for your kids who are fan of kung fu practice* There a kung fu master teacher to teach the basic of kung fu art* Kung fu boy morning spa and dressUp for school kids & boy* Full hygiene food for the kids practicing kung fu and other martial arts* Special bedroom cleanup & decoration for kung fu boy practice* Seaside practice for kung fu boy with his kung fu teacher* Take part in the tournaments for battles against the bullying* Download and share the free kung fu game with your friends & familyYou need to get to know the couple of main martial arts and learn what they offer is right for your child or kid.- judo & karate- taekwondo & kickboxing- kendo & sumo wrestling- aikido & Chinese martial art- tae kwon do & jujitsuGet a punching bag which you can hang on your ceiling or you can purchase a free standing from a sports store. You can take a handy punching bag which is easy to move somewhere. There are some common kung fu accessories to purchase from sports store like training equipments, breaking boards or bricks, karate uniforms, karate belts, gloves, gear bags, martial art books, belt racks, kung fu suits, caps , keychains, chain whip and many more.Do not forget to play all of our other makeup, makeover, cooking, tailoring, babies, gymnastic queen, ballerina dance,fitness gym workout, ice dancing, dancing school hip hop, skateboard skating girls, horse care and riding and other dress up games for girls and all family.TinyBit games, tiny masterpieces !
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