My Little Unicorn - Magic Horse

The best way you could understand a horse caretaker and the responsibilities you are confronting with during the process is to get in this unicorn game and learn on your own skin the proper activities that need to be done in order to have a happy and healthy horse. And exactly how you could accomplish that? It's simple, you just have to follow the game's challenges and make sure each one of them is fulfilled so your money and experience points will raise. Yes, you heard that right, you are able to earn some coins in this game to buy anything you might like to add for your little unicorn. There are also some icons that will show you the actual health condition and the good state of his mind. His happiness is in your hands and the first thing you are going to do while you are playing with this unicorn is to clean his stable from the dirt that accumulated during the time. Once his home is all cleaned up his turn comes too and you must use all those tools to give him a real pamper. Because you care of him you'll take him next to the farrier to care his hooves and you will go through a whole process to chance them, pay attention. You even have a harvest game where you need to collect in a bucket apples and water to be able to provide a good healthy meal. Next you have to unlock the upcoming level and if you would like to decorate his home, dress him up with nice accessories, take him to the doctor for a full control, offering him a facial spa treatment and also a make up. There are also interactive games integrated and as you can see the complexity of the game will make you wanna play it as much as possible. And for that we would want to reward you with some daily prizes like the gifts boxes and the spin wheel where you can spin your luck. Besides those you have some funny mini games and an exciting horse race where you could win more money. Your goal is to earn experience as a unicorn caretaker and to have fun trying to fulfill the needs of this cute animal. This pony game is everything you wished for and even more, the features are exorbitant and the way graphics managed to combine with the thematic is amazing.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.0.5
Operating System Android
System Requirements None