Mango's Elephants

This little group of elephants likes to herd together, holding on to each other's tails. If you give them some peanuts, they will compete over the food, so be nice and give them enough for everyone. Be careful with the mice, we don't want them to panic and cause a stampede, now do we?Tap to feed the elephants a peanut.Long press to release a mouseIf you want to know what the elephants are thinking click on Show thoughts in settings. A colored line will appear for each elephant showing you what it wants to go towards, or away from.Green - is for following another elephantYellow - is for going after a peanutRred - is for running away from the mouse.(This app does not collect any user data.)This is an open source project. The sources are here: adorable little herd of Java elephants was created as a father daughter project in our spare time. It is by no means completed, as we work on it every chance we get, And we will try to keep it updated as much as possible.
Operating System Android


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