This Panda Needs You

Help this cute panda re-stack her building blocks that have been blown over by the wind. Stack the blocks in the same order panda had them, be careful to match the colors and shapes! This Panda Needs You! is a fun, self-paced, all ages block stacking game. Built with a beautiful straight forward design the game is easy for kids of all ages to understand and enjoy. The game promotes the early math skills of pattern recognition, matching and problem solving. GAME PLAY FEATURES50 levels of varying difficultyBlocks stack and topple with realistic physics7 shapes and 6 colors keeps the game and patterns interestingAbility to skip ahead or jump to a random levelStacking building blocks is fun!LEARNING FEATURESSelf-paced game play, low pressure, high enjoyment for young childrenFind your own way to make space, sort and stack the blocksPanda animation and musical cues provide feedback on progressGame play promotes pattern recognition, shape and color matching and problem solving
Operating System Android