Edible Princess Shoe Cake Maker DIY Cooking Game

The royal kitchen chef just received a request from the princess to make an amazing and innovative cake in the shape of shoe and you have to help her design and cook a high heel stiletto shoe cake with some eye catching and out of the box designs. Turn her shoe cake idea into reality with your royal chef creativity skills. Welcome to the princess bakery kitchen! You need to impress the princess with your shoe cake idea. Try to mix different colors of flavors to create the unique high heel stiletto show cake you have been dreaming of. Our princess is excited to see her new show cake so bake the shoe cake ready for eating and prove to be the aster dessert chef in this original DIY show cake maker game. This is the best game to learn the DIY art of making your own show cake so rush now and learn how to make cake step by step today!Game Play & Features:Super creamy cake fun food making game to polish your DIY cooking skills.Make amazing edible princess shoe cakes using delicious creams, chocolates and frosting.Top your show cake with edible beads & pearls made with chocolate, vanilla, red velvet, blueberry & strawberries.Tons of realistic cooking tools to learn the art of making cakes step by step as the master dessert chef.Decorate your high heel stiletto shoe cake with realistic items.Share your shoe cake with friends & Serve your personal made shoe cake as birthday cake or as party cake
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