Child Safety at Garden and Playground

The safety for kids is an important issue all parents, caretakers and kids themselves should have knowledge of. Playground Safety Game aims to address such concerns. Take time to educate yourself and your kids on garden child safety issues inside this safety game.Your children might play alone at garden so you need to do all you can to educate them on safety issues. We bring kids safe content with fun and unique learning experience for little preschoolers and take care about safety at playground.This game educates your kids on dangers at ground to keep them safe. Nowadays it's very important to teach children various safety measures. Most effective way of protecting your kids is to allow them to make aware of potential dangers and teach them to deal with risky and emergency situations. Make them learn all the safety tips to the situations they come across. The outside safety game is designed specifically for kids. Playground safety for kids is early age, pre-toddler and kids educational game. We never know, accidents can happen anytime. So you need to learn to stop happening such type of surprised situation by educating child and prevention. We brought education game for kids that illustrates how to react if such situations occur. Game contains five different safety lessons, kids will learn how to be safe. This kids safety game bring to kids an unique learning experience, fun interactions and easy to operate scenes.Play the best kids safety game and share with your friends and siblings! Key Features:* Unique scenes with fun interactions* Teach children basic rules of child safety and basic injuries* Kids friendly learning game play* Bright and beautiful animations and illustrations* Understand self protection techniques* Everything is FREE inside game. No hidden purchases.We have included bunch of safety learning activities which protect themselves from any unsafe situation. The game is designed such as to inspire kids to stay safe in any situation, anywhere. An emergency situation may strike while playing on the play ground.Kids are new in this world so they might touch, use and get injured. so your duty is to teach them about the safe things, unsafe things and unsafe situation. Nowadays child abuse is a big issue in this world. Strangers might offer you chocolates, lollipops and other eating things, but as they are stranger you should not accept them at all.The app also teaches manners to the children. You should not fight with other guys playing on the ground. Co-operate with everyone and play anywhere you like. While playing don't walk on the railing or don't do anything that can harm you. Use first aid in case of any emergency of basic injuries.Don't eat or drink any food scraps that can cause disease in your body. So learn about safe and unsafe things while playing and stay safe always!
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