Let's sculpt: My Ponies

Let's sculpt with us! Let's create our own world of fairy tales and fantastic adventures. And let's teach how to create our children! The art of sculpting (clay modeling) is the easiest and most joyful way to introduce your child to the world of creativity and art.Now we will show in a simple and understandable way how from a piece of plasticine or polymer clay you can create with your own hands a charming little ponies. And maybe you'll come up with new pony characters, come up with new horses and new amazing stories for them. After all, creating a new figure design for your own ponies, looking for a color solution for your creations is so exciting and fun To implement any creative ideas you will help plasticine (plasticize), Play Doh (Play Dough), clay or polymer clay, or any other mass for modeling. Any plastic material suits us. And to become real sculptors and masters will help you. this app from the series "How to clay". The app "Let's sculpt with us: my ponies" is a learning game. It will help you quickly master the technique of volumetric modeling and modeling, develop your spatial thinking and sense of form, strengthen your creativity and creative skills. Here you will find many detailed step-by-step instructions on how to make from plasticize (Plasticine) or clay the charming figures of all ponies from your favorite cartoon, pony girls and pony boys. And even pony princesses.But this game is only an educational manual, a tutorial of clay modeling. This is just a convenient guide, an understandable and simple instruction that is very detailed, step by step shows all the stages of modeling.And you have to sculpt and create plasticine sculptures yourself, with your own hands! After all, we will create real toys and dolls in a real, not in a virtual world!We especially recommend this application to parents who are interested in the early development of their child. Modeling is primarily the development of the fine motor skills of his fingers, which, as long established by scientists, is directly related to the development of the brain of the child, his intelligence. Molding exercises powerfully stimulate the development of speech, thinking, imagination, attention and memory of the child. Developing a series of applications "How to sculpt", we spent a special effort to create a simple and understandable modeling technique that should ensure every child the success of even his first creative experiments. Such success is indispensable for increasing the child's self-esteem, but belief in one's own creative powers and abilities is very important for the development of the child.All of our DIY training apps of "Let's sculpt with us" series uses a very simple but effective technique that is understandable to every child. It is based on the engineering approach to constructing even complex models from the simplest forms, which we adapted specifically for children's creativity. To sculpt funny toys, cute princesses and other characters, your child needs to learn only how to mold the simplest forms, such as balls and cylinders in different sizes and colors. Easy instructions for adorable results! Any kid will quickly master this technique of modeling and become a real young sculptor. All you need is to buy a box of plasticine, choose a lesson with the character you like, and, following our step-by-step instructions, start creating the model you have chosen.Good luck and creative success to you, our young masters!
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