In Between: Minimalist Target Game

In Between is a minimalist, casual game where all you need is one thumb and superior spatial coordination. Featuring a high definition, smoothly animated, rectangle like... bar.Tap to stop the bar within the target range. Rack up your score multiplier by hitting the target consecutively without missing. Simple?Aim For The Highest Score!Every successful round increases your score multiplier. Miss and it's back to x1! Maintain your multiplier to rack up higher scores!90% of players score below 83 - are you any better?Two Game ModesClassic: Miss and the bar shortens. Consistency is the key, if you don't want to end up having to thread through the eye of the needle!Arcade: Random effect every 5 rounds. They may be a help or hindrance - can you survive?Multiple Color ThemesTwo free color palettes. Additional lovingly handcrafted themes available to customize your game.Google Play Leaderboards and AchievementsCompete against your friends and the world to see who possesses the greatest one thumb spatial prowess in the world! Aim to get all the achievements!
Operating System Android