Ice cream scoops are falling down! Watch out for the bombs though, or it all goes down! Check your order and create the tallest and most amazing ice cream servings ever! Earn "money" by selling delicious ice cream while discovering America's Landmarks! Follow the map and complete every level. Stack your scoops and reach for the sky, the taller it gets, the more the tips you will make! But watch your time...you want to complete your order under the time limit to earn even more tips. "Sofia" the ice cream girl is cheering you on as you build your ice cream and explore the USA. A whole lot of delicious ice cream flavors await! Mind blowing toppings and gorgeous locations are ahead. Customize your character and the ice cream cart, and share your new looks in a single snap! Share your Scoopalicious custom character, leaderboard scores, and more with your friends and family!Scoopalicious, its so delicious!
Operating System Android