Paper Tissue Roll Factory

Tissue paper is widely used by us in everywhere. So get ready to make soft tissues in your factory. Tissue box has become a need of each dining table and our washrooms are said to be incomplete without toilet tissue. Paper towels are compulsory part of everyone's bags, purse or pockets. So learn tissue paper making art in this paper factory simulator and serve the world around you.Let's enter to the real environment of tissue paper game to know its functionality. Go to the village farm and to collect cotton. Collect cotton and load on your delivery truck and take it to collect raw papers. After papers and cotton collection, go to the jungle to have some tree skin. Load everything on your exporter truck and take it to the tissue roll factory. Pour cotton, tree skin and raw papers into a big container to make its pulp. Heat the pulp to increase its solubility and move the container to the next section. In the other section of paper making factory, pour softener, bleach and other tissue maker ingredients in the big container to change its color. Now you have a fine pulp of tissue paper. Before applying other final processes on it, go to the scent department of the tissue paper factory. Here you are provided with different kinds of flowers having great fragrance. Extract the scent of flowers by beating them with hammers. Addition of perfume will result in the betterment of paper quality. So add perfume into the pulp and now take this pulp to last section of paper maker process. Press the pulp to make a lot of connective tissue papers. Cut it into mini tissue rolls and then send it to the packing section.Your tissue making process has been completed so after packing load on the delivery truck and take them to the shopping malls, supermarkets etc.You surely have enjoyed in making tissue papers so play our other factory games for kids, boys and girls to have extra fun and be the owner of number of factories
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