Katakana Handwriting Lesson Free Japanese apps

Studying of "AIUEO" and practicing 46 kinds of "Katakana"!! A free educational app "Katakana Handwriting Lesson" to trace and memorize.For children like 2 and 3 years old, as well as practice for those who wish to learn Japanese from now on! As you can write beautiful letters (Katakana), let's learn to write in order to write and fun writing "Katakana".how to playLet's proceed in order, from Japanese "(A)" to "(N)" in Katakana.When "Katakana" is completed in order from "A", the next "Katakana" lock is released.Let's slowly practice and writing "Katakana" and complete "Katakana". Write 14 colors of pencils in your favorite colors!You can change the color to trace "Katakana" with the color pencil on the left side of the screen.There are 14 kinds of color pencils in all. Slide the screen and let's trace white "Katakana" with the color you like.The completed "katakana" is only for you. It is saved in the album list as it is. Aim for it! Get all 138 stars!When you complete "Katakana" in time, you can earn 3 stars.The total number of stars is 138. Let's aim at getting all the stars as enjoyment after completing Japanese "A" --- "N".Besides Katakana, "Hiragana Handwriting Lesson" is also open!Click here for application download URL>https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.AnishShinei.HiraganaHandwriting
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