Click Farmer

It's an easy and simple game where you can plant/grow crops or take care of animals. You can play this game actively whilst mashing the fastforward button to decrease the time left on your crops to grow, or play it in idle mode by planting some crops and coming back later to harvest them. Try to earn as much money as possible. Buy crops or animals to take care of, or even upgrade your plot to a water plot, where random rewards can be found in the water, they don't give experience points though. You can also upgrade your crops whilst they are crowing to improve their value or decrease their waiting timeFrom level 30 you can prestige, the higher your level above 30 and the more money you have, the more prestige points you will gain from prestiging. With prestige points you can upgrade your farm with to increase money gain and decrease waiting time on your crops. However every time you prestige it will be more difficult to prestige again.
Operating System Android