Princess Salon Hair Style

Princess Hair StylistEvery girl wants to have perfect hair. You can start by washing and blow-drying your princess's hair. If you cut or thin out her hair, you will be able to use magic elixir. You have to see this for yourself. Feel free to style her hair any way you want. You can tint it and create a luxuriant, thick, curly, short, dishevelled, straight, or ruffled hairstyle. Princess Make UpYou don't need to go through a make-up course to beautify your princess with a great make-up. Choose the right colours for her lipstick, blush, eyebrow pencil, and eyeshadow. Apply some mascara on her eyelashes and pluck her eyebrows with tweezers, if necessary. You can choose your favourite colour for your princess's charming eyes and your favourite scent for her perfume. Princess Dress UpThese princesses need your fashionable touch. Dress them up in those lovely clothes available: dresses, skirts, gowns, and coats. You can also add tiaras, headgear, wings, jewelry, and other accessories to make them look really fabulous. In the end, each of these glamorous princesses will look as if she had just stepped out of a bandbox. Looking absolutely great, they can go to the seaside, to a restaurant, or to a picnic in nature. They can also visit their friends in an old castle or they can go shopping and then sink into bed. This Princess Salon hair Style game is totally free to download and play.
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